Prayer and meditation

These past couple days I’ve been practicing spending ten minutes a day in meditation.  Some days have been easier than others.
But the practice has been all about creating new habits, getting into the habit of listening, rather than speaking. Being grateful, rather than asking for.  Being still and at peace.
And I’ve realised how much we like to keep busy.  Always running.  Always something else to do.
My quiet time, for so long now, has been a multi-tasking time. Not a quiet time. Not dedicated to letting my Creator speak with me. Always presenting a “to do” list and asking for God’s blessing on this list, to give me the strength I need, to help things flow smoothly…
But as I’ve started to learn to be quiet, just breathe, just be at peace, I’ve started to realise there is more to this. A joy to taking it slowly. And just being present.  Unhurried.

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