Weekly Prayer at Balboa Union Church

A couple of weeks ago I finally started a weekly prayer group at Balboa Union Church, after all these years of saying that the reason I had come back to church was to explore the power of prayer.

Admittedly, I have spent the last 3-4 years completely separated from prayer and where I was at.  There are so many excuses that I could give – but all of them would be just that, excuses.  I have had many moments where I’ve felt I was drowning under the weight, where I felt I had lost my faith and that nothing could bring me back.

But recently I have started to experience again the beauty of being still.  Of taking time to breathe and connect with a Power much greater than myself – acknowledging that God is everywhere and in everything.  Once again realising the beauty of the rain, of the birds singing first thing in the morning, and slowly finding my way back to faith.