Every morning… and every evening

Every morning, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you have a routine.

Your morning routine may be “I am so late, again”, “here we go again” getting the kids dressed, ready for school, piled in the car and running to get there on time. Or, it may be intentional – getting up early, before the rush of the day — having time alone for a quiet coffee and contemplation of what the day holds, before everyone else crashes into you day.  Whatever it is… it is your preparation for the day.  

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Just a carpenter

How many of you today have felt that you have just received a huge new learning, something that has truly transformed your life, and you share it at home — and no one is listening?

Or maybe you have started a new diet and it is really working for you… you are excited about it, and share it with those who know you best… and they just don’t get how important this discovery is for you?We all know from our reading in Mark how Jesus’ family and neighbours defined Jesus. We can rise or fall according to the definitions and expectations that others hold of us. If there is one thing I would like you to know today, it is that you have freedom to choose.  You may choose to allow yourself to be defined by what you do. You may choose to be defined by the expectations others have of you.

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